Embracing the Joys of the Holiday Season


As a child growing up in Michigan, I always felt that the holiday season began with the first chilly day turning my breath into frosty clouds in the cold air. I’d catch the formerly green maple leaves before they crunched beneath my feet, or fell into piles of orange, red and yellow. It was fun to go to the apple cider mill for powdered donuts and cups of crispy cold apple cider. Of course, we had to bring jugs of cider home, along with a few boxes of donuts to enjoy later! As the leaves fell and the days grew shorter, the countdown began to the start of the holiday season! First, it would be costumes, candy and pumpkins for Halloween. Next, family would gather for a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast of tantalizing smells and home-cooked delights. Finally, the countdown to Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza (and other holidays celebrated this time of year) began as I eagerly looked forward to embracing the joys of the holiday season!

Parents and children: what special memories do you have about past holiday celebrations? Are there special foods that you enjoy eating at Thanksgiving? Do you celebrate with family and/or friends? Are there any special holiday traditions you still enjoy, today?

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