Depression Counseling
        – Effective Way to Overcome Depression


Billie H.
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Sometime’s life’s major or minor events can throw us into a depressive mood that is hard to recover from. Inorder to seperate sadness, unhappiness, or simply a bad day/week from a major depressive episode The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM and provides diagnostic criteria for depression and other disorders. This manual is put together by the American Psychiatric Association. Depression counseling can help people suffering from depression.

Depression affects the mind and body and can alter the fundamental way a person thinks. Depression counseling is important because without help the symptoms of depression can last years. The DSM lists 9 symptoms of which a person needs to have experienced atleast five within two weeks, almost everday. Furthermore, a change in functioning must have occurred. Interestingly many symptoms can fall on different aspects of the same issue, like weight gain or loss. Another symptom is insomnia or hypersomnia. Changes in eating and sleeping patterns can be signs of a depressive episode, it is the fluctuation in these behaviors not the direction of their change that matters.

A licensed professional counselor can help by getting to the bottom of your depression. They are trained to listen and help you solve the fundamental items that are causing your depression. While many people use anti-depressants, depression counseling can be used by itself or in conjunction with other medical treatments. If you are suffering from symptoms of depression speak to a licensed professional counselor or other medical representative for help.