Couple Counseling


Billie H.
“I loved it, and am sharing it with children and adults alike! It makes you feel honored to be a part of a child's life and heart.”

Leslie Kuerbitz, has provided couple counseling through her counseling practice for nearly a decade. Many married couples either have or will have children which will greatly impact their relationship. The relationship between husband and wife or committed couples is important to maintain especially when kids enter the picture. Couple counseling can help couples provide a solid foundation by which kids can be raised in the best possible way.

Leslie’s education as a professional counselor as well as her experience in practice and as a mother led Leslie to write a children’s book that would teach families about positive behaviors. Jennifer Pennifer is a story to be read to kids, yet it also teaches parents lessons. You can enjoy spending time with your kids while encouraging them and letting them know that it is ok to make mistakes. This is not a dull text book on parenting, but rather an entertaining story that also teaches important lessons to kids and parents.

The book follows the main character Jennifer through a small mishap and shows how her parents handle it. Jennifer lives in a house “where it is okay for children to express their thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner” and “where parents and children communicate lovingly with one another to provide emotional support and encourage mutual respect.”

Couples counseling can provide the atmosphere that parents need to talk about their relationship and any issues they may be having. Consider talking to a licensed professional counselor to help you create the best environment for yourself and your family.