What Jennifer Pennifer is Learning in First Grade at School

Posted on September 15th, 2009

Jennifer Pennifer has been enjoying her first grade class in school. She likes her teachers and has been  practicing writing her letters carefully. She is also reading stories to her mother and father, and to her puppy dogs,  Heidi, Charlie Jr., and Schotzie! Jennifer loves to sing in music class and she made a kite to fly, in art class. What are some of the school subjects you enjoy, now that you have been back to school? Be sure to write Jennifer Pennifer to let her know!

When Summer Ends and School Begins

Posted on September 4th, 2009

Sometimes, Jennifer Pennifer feels a little blue when the summer is over. This year, she will be in first grade in school.  Yesterday, she and Daddy bought her new school supplies. She also found out who her new teacher is going to be! Jennifer Pennifer remembers how much she learned in kindergarden class last year, and how much she liked her teacher. She is looking forward to seeing her friends at school. Write to Jennifer Pennifer and tell her what you like best about school!

When a House is a Home

Posted on August 20th, 2009

A house is not a home, unless it resonates with love, patience and understanding. No one needs the physical trappings of a palace or a mansion. Without the love shared by parents and children, how can anyone find hope, peace and safety, especially when the outside world creates chaos. The richest family is one in which love abounds. Not only do family members love each other, they also love and care about themselves. There is no perfect family, but there are a lot of families that know the importance of working and playing together, and loving and praying together.

Good Manners

Posted on July 25th, 2009

It only takes a few seconds to be polite and courteous to others. Is there some reason why people can’t say “thank you,” if a door is held open or “excuse me,” rather than knock into and push past someone? There can never be too many good manners exhibited by children and adults, alike! To read more, please go to the Life/Travel Section Moms Blog of www.dallasmorningnews.com I welcome your comments on Jennifer Pennifer’s Blog page, as well as on the Moms Blog page of the Dallas Morning News.com.

How Animals Enrich Our Lives

Posted on July 17th, 2009

Recently, I did a blog for the Dallas Morning News/Moms’ Blog. It concerned animals and how special they are to us, giving us unconditional love, lowering our blood pressure, helping us laugh at their silly antics, as well as helping us to feel good about life and ourselves! You can read the entire blog by going to www.dallasmorningnews.com  Click on Life/Travel, click on “Blogs,” then click on “Moms Blog.” Page down until you see Charlie Jr’s picture. Please feel free to comment on this blog page and/or on the moms blog.  Your opinions are very important!

Parents as Role Models for Their Children

Posted on July 8th, 2009

Creating peaceful atomosphere in the home…

Children are curious. They like to try new things as they explore their world. Sometimes, they experience difficulty as their imagination and creativity lead to misadventure. If parents yell and scream, call names, throw things, or slam doors, they teach their children to do likewise. Children will become  distrustful, and may eventually be disrespectful to their parents. But parents who lead by loving example and demonstrate appropriate behavior for conflict resolution, help their children to develop trust, respect, feelings of self-worth and the ability to get along well with others. It is not difficult to discuss problem areas and it should never be difficult to listen respectfully to different feelings and points of view.  Be a good role model for your children!

Ways to Increase Self-Esteem in Children

Posted on June 16th, 2009

How can parents encourage appropriate behavior, which may increase self-esteem in their children?


*Spend time with your child looking up unknown words in the dictionary, playing games, doing chores – folding towels, setting the table, making salads. 

*Parents should reward positive behavior, and not focus on the negative. Thank your child for behaving in the approved manner (i.e., cleaning up their toys without being asked, washing their hands, brushing their teeth).

*A child may have a specific need and is not just misbehaving. Try to understand why your child is acting out. It may be that he or she feels sick, wants attention, or may be feeling frustrated or sad. 

*A child may not have the vocabulary to express her/himself. Look at the child’s body language. Does the child seem withdrawn, or frustrated? Ask open-ended questions (questions not answered by “yes” or “no”) to get more information. Yelling and screaming at children will cause them to be fearful and non-responsive.

*Offer alternatives and choices which enable a child to select the appropriate behavior. Children will cooperate and don’t want to disappoint, if they feel they are an important part of the family. Power struggles are non-productive and create hurt feelings and frustration.


Posted on April 28th, 2009

A friend is someone who enjoys being with you and likes to do a lot of the same things. Jennifer Pennifer’s best friend is Samantha. They enjoy playing basketball and riding their bicycles together. On rainy days when they aren’t in school, they like to play with their dolls, have tea parties, draw pictures and color in coloring books.  When their friend Jason comes over to play, they like to play with building blocks and card games.  It’s nice to have friends who care about you, are easy to talk to and help to make life fun!

Dr. Jennifer Pennifer

Posted on April 23rd, 2009

How exciting! The real Jennifer Pennifer has been selected the new Chief Resident MD for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dept. at Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Jennifer Pennifer Salutes Our Troops

Posted on April 16th, 2009

Jennifer Pennifer salutes American Soldiers and their families! She is proud to have Sgt. Isaac McClellan as her new friend, and wishes him, his wife Tabitha and two daughters much happiness and many blessings!