Anger Counseling
        - Best Solution for Managing Anger


Billie H.
“I loved it, and am sharing it with children and adults alike! It makes you feel honored to be a part of a child's life and heart.”

Everyone has experienced anger at some point in their lifetime. For some people everyday occurrences can cause them to become extremely angry. People become angry when they are stressed, hurt, emotional, and frustrated. In order to cope with anger, people are turning toward Anger Counseling.

 Anger Counseling teaches you about managing your anger. The more common term for these services and the philosophy is anger management. While anger is a natural and common emotion, the difference in how you express it and cope with it and how it impacts the people around you. In a rational state most people know that yelling doesn’t solve problems. However when a person gets angry yelling is a likely way to vent. By learning more productive ways to express anger, managing anger becomes easier. One popular technique in Anger Counseling is teaching relaxation techniques such as breathing, positive imagery, and positive phrases. While some of these techniques have been made fun of in Hollywood films and on TV, they can in fact be helpful if you take them seriously.

Managing anger is not only for people who respond to anger by yelling or openly venting. Some people need help with expressing their anger because they tend bottle it up inside. This is not a healthy choice either. There is of course a middle ground, ways to tell people that you’re angry without making the situation worse.

Looking for someone to talk to about managing your anger? Leslie Kuerbitz is a licensed professional counselor. For nearly ten years she has been helping individuals, couples and families in her counseling practice. One of her family practice specialties is managing anger. Teaching people how to handle and express anger in constructive ways helps everyone connected to the individual. Through positive ways of expressing emotions people are better able to resolve issues.